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Cremation Services

In Hinduism, cremation is the preferred method for disposing of the physical body after death. The body is typically placed on a pyre made of wood and set on fire, with the ashes and bone fragments later being collected and immersed in a river or ocean. The process of cremation is accompanied by various rituals, including the performance of prayers and mantras, offerings of food and flowers, and the lighting of the body. Shri Ivormadom Krishna Prasad Warrier is a notable personality who left his remaining life to do the cremation services. Situated nearby Pampady, Thrissur on the banks of Bharatapuzha River and Ivormadom Shrikrishna Temple, he gives proper services asper the Hindu Mythology.


Krishna Prasad Warrier

A hard-working man, a philanthropist came to Ivormadom as a worker and extended his sphere of activity to the whole of Kerala and the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu with his service, the reality of the discoveries we do not know is great. If Ivormadom Krishna Prasad Warrier has become a brand in Kerala today, it is only because of his work excellence.


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Cremation Services

Cremation is a term coined to represent final disposition of a dead body through burning. It serves as a post funeral rite and is an alternative to burial.

Posthumous Services

Hinduism holds the view that after death, a person's soul reincarnates into a new body. Hindu funeral customs are based on the concept of reincarnation.

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Amal Ajay

One of the best Heritage place i have visited around last year. Have enjoyed a lot. Got best satisfactory service from the hotel management team and staffs. Enjoyed a lot and hope to visit again.
Arjun C A

Servicing was very good and polite. People who came for the funeral was quite good and pleasing and giving advices to do how to conduct other ceremony after that.
Murali M K

Very Good Service to the people who are facing a lot of problem in cremation of their beloved one. The system you are doing is very good. The expense is very affordable.